Looking for door installer in Jackson City.

Looking for door installer in Jackson City.

Looking for door installer in Jackson City.,Door installation, job in Jackson

Door installation, job in Jackson

job inMeter Road, Jackson ,Mississippi

Looking for door installer in Jackson City.


I need handyman for door installer in Jackson city, MS. Its a per day project. Handyman can earn well from this project.

Expert handyman get the preference. Handyman from anywhere can apply this job. We need urgent handyman for this handy job.

We are a Certified workplace. All candidates will be required to pass and background check prior to employment.

Compensation will be based on experience.


  • Standing for 8 to 12 hours a day.
  • Be able to install hollow metal and wood doors.
  • Installing commercial hardware on doors.


  • Must have basic tools or be able to acquire them.
  • Must maintain a professional personal appearance.
  • Willing to occasionally work out of town, overtime, and weekends.
  • Must have a strong work ethic dedicated to getting the job done.

Incentives and Bonus:

  • Not applicable.

Experience requirements:

  • Minimum 3 years experienced as a door installer.


  • High school.

skill required: Door installation 

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Quick job must be done by a skilled man who can come quickly and stay beside you !!!